Taking The Right Software Product Management Certification Courses To Advance Your Certifications

Yes, : in fact, you do not need any formal certification or education to be an effective software product manager today. However, having a certification or degree to your name will help you stand out from the pack and garner more respect from your peers, help you move up the ladder faster and give you more confidence and respect from customers.

So, to assist you in your quest to become a great product manager, we have scoured the wide range of online courses and narrowed the selection down to the best in 2020 – which I’ve outlined below. Hopefully this will assist you in taking that certified product manager exam to boost your resume and gain job interviews tomorrow!

The first online course in certified product management training is WebEoc. WebEoc has been around for some time and offers a comprehensive course designed specifically for those who want to become certified in product management. You’ll be taught how to use Microsoft’s MS Exchange and Outlook, how to set up your business website, how to set up CRM tools and how to create customer profiles.

WebEoc is offered by the University of Arizona and the University of Maryland. This course is recommended to all those looking to upgrade their certifications or for those who are just starting out. The price of the course is very reasonable and is not a very difficult course to complete.

The second online course in certified product management training is the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) program. This course is provided by Microsoft itself. It is the most difficult of the online courses but offers a huge advantage when compared with the web-based courses.

MCTS training is an advanced training program that prepares students for the exams which come after being trained in the MCTS program. The exams include Microsoft Project, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Excel, and Visual Studio.

Although this course is much harder than the WebEoc course, it also offers a wider range of exam questions and exams. If you are a serious candidate to become a certified product manager then I would recommend taking this course first. It will prepare you well for the exams and give you a sense of accomplishment as you learn about the different topics of this certification.

The third course I recommend is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSER) certification. This course is for students who wish to advance to Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) status. The MCSER certification offers more advanced training and also includes a series of exams for those who already have a certification.

As previously stated the MCSER certification offers more advanced exams and questions than the other two certifications. The MCSER exams consist of Project, Dynamics, Excel and Visual Studio. As a student you must pass all three exams to get your MCSER certification.

As I have said before, there are two types of exams to take when taking the software product management certification exams. The first type is the exam which covers the topics discussed above. This exam is easier to complete because you are given more questions to answer.

The second type is a multiple choice exam. This type is more challenging because it is not as easy to choose correct answers as the first exam.

The final type of exam is a practical exam. This type allows you to practice the theory of the various topics discussed in the course and to see if you are able to apply the concepts and apply them in the real world. This exam is not difficult to take and gives a good practice of what you have learned through the courses.

When taking the actual exams, there is no set format to take the exams. You may feel free to follow a certain format that works well for you, but it is up to you to follow the course at your own pace. You may decide that you like one format and stick to it, or you may want to try something new. This can also cause your exam results to vary from person to person because there are no set guidelines.