280 Group Pumps and Tools

NEW YORK, August 15, 2020/PRNewswire – Inc. Magazine revealed that 280 Group was once again among the nation’s top-500 privately held businesses, this time on its Inc. 5000 list. This company is a leader in the construction industry with the following five locations:

The group, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a provider of construction materials and equipment. It operates four manufacturing facilities:

The company’s products are sold throughout the United States and Canada. The following are the five largest products of the company:

The group offers a wide range of construction site equipment and material. Products include concrete mixers, asphalt paving tools, concrete mixers, cement mixers, pneumatic tire pump and pressure supplies, excavators, rollers, rollers, concrete saws, concrete drills, concrete mixers, tires, rollers, steel pipe cutters, pipe strippers and other equipment. They also manufacture industrial machinery and parts. The following are the company’s manufacturing facilities:

In addition to these manufacturing facilities, the group has offices in Kentucky and North Carolina. The company has a total of five distributors and two manufacturers.

The company plans to expand its existing production capacity and add a new location. Its projected net sales for the next twelve months are approximately $1.2 billion, an increase of approximately 20 percent over its current sales level. The company also provides services to clients in the areas of engineering, design, and construction. The following are the key strategies that the company uses to expand:

The group expects to add an additional office space, possibly two, at its Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. A new building would be located in the center of the building and connect to it via a walkway. The addition will enable the group to install a new HVAC system as well as other building amenities such as security systems, electronic filing cabinets, and other office supplies. The company is also in the process of purchasing a truck loading dock and is adding more space for loading trucks.

The 280 Group was founded in 1930 by W.J. Kinzendorfler. Kinzendorler is also a former director of Cushman, Dodge and Company and worked for the Du Pont Corporation. He later founded his own company.

The 280 Group provides a variety of services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. The group is responsible for providing quality materials to clients through its manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. It also provides a service to provide clients with services, equipment and training.

The group specializes in construction site equipment. It manufactures and sells a variety of different types of tools including pneumatic equipment. It produces an extensive line of heavy duty pneumatic equipment. to support a variety of construction projects including road construction, mining, demolition, earthworks, pipeline, landfill, and landscaping, among others.

In addition to the heavy duty pneumatic equipment, the group offers many other tools that are used for construction purposes. Among them are concrete saws, pneumatic tire pumps, and other equipment used in the landscaping industry. The group also manufactures a variety of pneumatic tools and accessories. It also manufactures various types of chain saws, sledge hammers, drills and other equipment.

The group’s primary goal is to maintain the company’s unique image, and that includes the selection of a name that is easily identifiable. The name that they chose for themselves is “280”. The name is based on their production line of pneumatic equipment.

The 280 Group is a division of Kinzendorfler, Incorporated. They sell a wide variety of pneumatic tools, as well as pneumatic tires. They also sell landscaping equipment and other equipment and supplies to other contractors. They also offer a service to supply landscaping tools to homebuilders.